The Sunday {Basket}

Do you have that pile {or piles} of paperwork lying around that doesn’t really have a home to live in? Stuff that clutters up your surfaces but if you put away will likely be forgotten about? I know I do. And it’s taken me 36 years to finally find a solution. The Sunday Basket!

I first heard about this concept from The Minimal Mom on YouTube. As some of you may know I am a HUGE fan of my “bung-it basket” and this system triggered another one of those “ah ha!” moments for me. The “Sunday Basket” was created by Lisa Woodruff from Organize 365 to help organise household paperwork. And the system is as simple as it sounds – a place {or “basket”} where your paperwork lives and gets dealt with every single Sunday {or whatever day of the week you decide}. It’s a routine which creates a simple “command centre” which allows you to locate papers when you need them with the idea that eventually the time you spend sorting and actioning the items within your Sunday Basket becomes less leaving you more time to do the things you want.

Here I’m going to share with you how to set up your own Sunday Basket and and how to make it work for YOU:

Setting up your Sunday Basket

There are loads of great examples of Sunday Baskets on Pinterest – all you need is some kind of box {it doesn’t have to be fancy} and a simple filing system – labelled plastic wallets, a concertina file etc. Then collect up all the random papers, post, lists etc. cluttering up your space and put them in the basket. You could also use it to store your diary, a pencil case, a notebook and/or your budget information {like these FREE budget resources}.

Establish your system

On Sunday {or whichever day you decide} sort your papers into actionable categories – for example, to action this week, this month, to file, to pay etc. then dedicate some time to completing those tasks which need urgent attention {whether it’s half an hour or an hour a week}. Establish your system by re-visiting it every week ensuring those papers which need urgent attention are dealt with during your “Sunday Basket hour” and everything else is moved into the correct folder.

Expand your system

Start using your Sunday Basket to store projects or ideas – all in separate files to ensure you keep coming back to them for review. Use your “Sunday Basket hour” to complete your weekly meal plan or review your diary for the week.

Create a “time will tell” folder – this is something The Minimal Mom suggested which I think is a really great idea to store things that don’t require action – for example it may be a letter letting you know about some upcoming road closures etc. which you don’t necessarily need to do someting with but want to keep around for reference until that work has been completed.

What goes in my Sunday Basket

For my Sunday Basket I’ve been using a Kallax storage box. Inside I have a concertina file with coloured plastic wallets labelled “this week”, “this month”, “time will tell” and “Budgets”. I will also add in projects etc. over time. I also keep a notebook and my paper diary {which I am starting to phase out use of in favour of my digital planner – find out more here} and some post-its to jot down thoughts and ideas. Every week during my “Sunday Basket hour” I then gather up my various white boards {find my FREE monthly and weekly planner templates here} and update them with the week ahead.

This is a process I’m still refining to make work for ME but I’ve definately found it really helpful in dedicating not only a space for all those loose bits of paper and notes but to also sit and dedicate some time to keeping on top of my life admin.

What would you put in your Sunday Basket? I’d love to know if this is a system you find useful!

New year {same me}

Happy New Year! 2021 – the year that HAS to be better than 2020 right?! Yet here we are. Still feeling confused and unsure of what the future holds. Back in lockdown and home learning/working/childcare-ing. Another new normal.

Who took down their Christmas decorations before the New Year? I’m usually desperate to clear the Christmas clutter and have a good clean but this year I was in less of a rush. Keen to hold on to that Christmas spirit. I was in two minds about sending the boys back to school. Mentally it’s absolutely the best thing for them. They need to be learning, being around their friends and thriving. But then lockdown 3.0 came and we’re back to home learning. It’s a different story this time around for us with expectations seemingly much higher {although I know a lot of that pressure is from ourselves – school have been amazing and so supportive!}. There’s also that temptation to once again shut out the world and stay in our post-Christmas holiday bubble. But life {and work} calls. Back to reality {kinda}.

Who’s set New Year’s resolutions? Its hard to make plans at the moment but I found it comforting to sit down and re-examine my goals. This year they look slightly different. I’m not on a quest to change “me”. 2021 will not make me a different person. But I can grow. I can expand {in a business rather than waistline sense – hopefully!}. And I can practice gratitude for the things I have in my life.

2020 was tough. But it also taught us a lot.

It was the year we survived rather than thrived, home schooled and home-worked ♥︎

The year we stayed at home, celebrated lockdown birthdays and spent the summer in our gardens ♥︎

The year the streets stayed bare, we wore masks and enjoyed socially distanced coffees ♥︎

The year we slowed down, held our loved ones close and showed thanks ♥︎

The year we came together to stay apart ♥︎

So what will 2021 bring? Well so far much of the same! But I hope it also brings hope. I hope it brings comfort. I hope it brings joy.

For me I’m planning to focus on creating financial stability, health and moving my side hustles forward. I’ve got lots of exciting ideas and plans this year which I hope will come to fruition. But above all I hope we stay safe, value those closest to us and remember what’s really important.

To enter this new year as the same me. And be proud of it ♥︎

Christmas Day 2020 | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 12}

Merry Christmas! I know this year is very different to what we had hoped for but I hope you have had a lovely day and managed to spend at least some of it your loved ones.

Here’s a glimpse into what we got up to:

We ended up waking the kids up to see
if Santa had visited ♥︎
Daddy made dinner ♥︎
And went for a post-lunch walk {it wasn’t raining!} ♥︎
With love this Christmas from our family to yours ♥︎
Noah, Ollie and Penny 2020

And as a small gift from me to you – here’s a discount code for 20% off any digital or hardback planner {available soon} you purchase from a Life Twintastic during 2021 : BLOGMAS2020

I hope you enjoyed the 12 days of Blogmas series and I’m looking forward to sharing more posts with you in the New Year xx

Last Minute Chirstmas Preparations | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 11}

On the eleventh day of Blogmas a Life Twintastic sent to me……a list of last minute Christmas preparations!

Are you all ready for the big day?! Here’s a last minute list of preparations for you just in case!

  • Prepare Christmas lunch ahead {Check out these amazing recipes from Taming Twins – she also gives information on how you can prep food on Christmas Eve over on her Instagram account}
  • Buy last minute fresh or forgotten food
  • Get any last minute presents wrapped
  • Final cleaning and finishing touches to your home
  • Get out the Christmas PJs
  • Plan the table setting
  • Make sure you have enough batteries
  • Get out your Christmas Day outfits
  • Ensure all your serving dishes are clean
  • Call loved ones you won’t see on Christmas Day
  • Prep a notepad and pen to record who got what and from who for thank you cards
  • Put a black bag for any rubbish/recycling close to where presents will be opened
  • Lay out a mince pie/cookie and little tipple for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer!
  • Snuggle up and watch a Christmas movie
  • Put presents under the tree and fill their stockings {obviously once the kids are in bed!}

Keep an eye out for a little gift in tomorrow’s Christmas Day Blogmas post and hope you have a fantastic Christmas 🙂

Meet the Reindeer | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 10}

On the tenth day of Blogmas a Life Twintastic sent to me……. some snaps of us meeting reindeer!

I don’t know about you but our diary for this year’s Christmas holidays is preeeettttyyy empty {suprise suprise!} But one thing I did book {and am thankful we can still do in our area} is a trip to our local Farm Park to meet some reindeer and do their elf trail.

Here’s what we got up to 🙂

And met Honey and Holly the reindeer ♥︎

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already tomorrow! We are moving up into tier 3 from Boxing Day which means Dan’s restaurant will be closed and he will be home and furloughed for who knows how long. And so the rollercoaster continues….

Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Come back tomorrow for an earlier Blogmas post sharing some last minutes prep for Christmas.

Christmas Quiz Night | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 9}

On the nineth day of Blogmas a Life Twintastic sent to me…….. a Christmas quiz night!

One thing which has helped see us through 2020 is virtual quiz nights. These can be set up with loved ones using platforms such as Zoom or you can sign up to join a professional virtual quiz like this one from Inquizition.

To get you started, here are some ideas for questions {and answers!} you can use for your Christmas Quiz:

  1. Name three of the original eight reindeer from the poem “Twas the night before Christmas” {Comet, Cupid, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donner and Blitzen}
  2. In the song The 12 Days of Christmas….”my true love brought to me nine………” what? {ladies dancing}
  3. London’s Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is traditionally given by which country? {Norway}
  4. What is the last day of Christmas tradionally known as? {twelth night}
  5. What does the word “Advent” mean? {Coming}
  6. There is an island called Christmas Island, true or false? {true – in Australia}
  7. In what year was Band Aid’s orginal version of “Do they know it’s Christmas?” released {1984}
  8. What was the orignal colour of Santa’s suit? {green}
  9. Who wrote “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? {Tim Burton}
  10. How many days are there on a traditional Christmas calendar? {24}

Here are some more ideas of great quizes:

Emoji Pictionary

Christmas Movie Trivia

Picture Puzzle

Come back tomorrow for day 10 of Blogmas!

Looking to 2021 | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 8}

On the eighth day of Blogmas a Life Twintastic sent to me……… a look forward into 2021!

So lets be honest, 2020 has been a pretty shite year so 2021 hasn’t got much to do in order to be better! I’ve pretty much given up on the whole New Year resolutions thing but it is a nice time to reflect, look forward and review plans and goals. With the current pandemic still looming over us it’s hard to make any concrete short term plans but let’s all keep everything crossed we start to see some real improvements in time for spring.

New Year, Same Me

I will not be joining a gym, undergoing a personality transplant or saving up for liposuction. When 1st January 2021 rolls in I will still be me. Grey hairs and all. However, it’s always nice to feel like we’re moving forward in life so here’s some things I’m looking forward to or planning for 2021 {inclduing a sneak peek at my 2021 Digital Life Planner – available soon!}

  • To continue to grow my small business
  • To reach my pre-pregnancy weight – healthily!
  • To start running again and complete a 10k
  • To start my book!
  • To launch my first digital planners
  • To plan my first hardback planners
  • To write an annual plan for my business and blog
  • To save money towards our dream home/home improvements
  • To make sustainable steps towards a simpler life
  • To clear the clutter!
  • To show more discipline {especially when it comes to work and my health}
  • To time-block more effectively
  • To be more patient

Over the coming weeks I’ll probably pick my top three goals for the year and break them down into action points and {rough} deadlines.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a sneak peek at my Digital Life Planner – including bucket list ideas for the year:

Come back tomorrow for day 9 of the 12 days of Blogmas!

Christmas Hair and Make-up Tutorial | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 7}

On the 7th day of Christmas a Life Twintastic sent to me……… s selection of Christmas hair and make-up tutorials!

Full disclosure – I was planning to film a hair and make-up tutorial for this post but completely ran out of time….. so instead here are some of my favouite online tutorials and ideas to get your glam on this Christmas 🙂


If you’re looking for something fairly stratighforward – this post from shows 10 ways great to ditch the mum bun.

Why not add a classic bow like these ones from Airy Hair and Etsy or a cute headscarf like this.

Or how about this super cute twisted up do from Lainey Marie Beauty?

YouTube has a whole heap of tutorials – my favourites include these two videos from Kayley Melissa – 5 quick Christmas morning hairstyles and Easy hairstyles for Christmas morning.

Or if you want to go all out why not try something like this.……!!


One of my favouite beauty YouTubers has got to be Brianna Fox. I tried out her Classic Christmas make-up {snow fox eyes} tutorial the other day and it was insane! I also love this Cool toned Christmas make-up tutorial.

Or if you’re going for something more sparkly why not try something like this from Denitslava Makeup

Come back tomorrow for day 8 of Blogmas – looking to 2021 🙂

Christmas Activities for Kids | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 6}

On the sixth day of Blogmas a Life Twintastic sent to me……Christmas activities for the kids!

Two weeks of Christmas holidays. This year more than ever we all need ideas on how to keep the kids entertained! Here are some ideas I’ve pinched from Pinterest {of course}.

Christmas Tree Finger Print Craft

Great for even the littlest artists but also great for older kids to design and cut out their own templates. Win win!

Karoove Digitals

Gingerbread Playdough Tray

I’ve always fancied making my own playdough and I love this idea – I bet gingerbread smells amazing! Although will be interesting to see if the kids {Penny} try to eat it…..!

Jennifer Hier

Christmas Science

Perfect for any budding scientist. It’s amazing what you can create with mostly bits you’ll probably already have lurking in your kitchen cupboards!

Little Bins for Little Hands

Salt Dough Ornaments

We made salt dough ornaments a couple of years ago and they were a massive hit {although took forever to dry out fully, may have got the recipe slightly wrong!} They still hang proudly on our tree.

Jennifer | I heart arts and crafts

Ice Skating Penguins

Now this looks like a lot of fun! My kids loved rescuing toy animals from ice during lockdown home-learning so this take on using ice for sensory play is sure to be a hit!

The Highly Sensitive Child

No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft

Another great idea for little hands. Why not get your kids to create a snowman family to play with?

Amber From ABCs to ACTs

Elf Yourself

I absolutely love this idea! The arts and crafts version of the Elf Yourself App. And it’s printable! Create the whole family, backdrop, story – the play possibilities are endless!

Fun Activities for Kids

Are you planning any activities with your kids this Christmas? Or are you more wing-it and hope for the best? I’m usually the latter but like to have back-up!

Come back tomorrow for day 7!

Christmas Day Style Guide | 12 Days of Blogmas {Day 5}

On the fifth day of Blogmas a Life Twintastic sent to me….. a Christmas Day style guide!

What’s your go-to Christmas Day outfit? Comfy pjs? A festive Christmas jumper? Or a sleek festive outfit?! Here are a few ideas I love to get you inspired.

The PJs

Who doesn’t love a cosy pair of Christmas pjs?! Loads of stores are doing matching pairs for the whole family, just like these ones from Next.


The Christmas Jumper

Will your outfit of choice be a festive jumper? Perhaps you like one with a funny slogan like this one from Not on the High Street or maybe this woolly jumper from Tu? You can also get matching jumpers with your mini me from places like Not on the High Street.

Not on the High Street
Not on the High Street

Classic Style

Maybe your taste is more classic with a bit of plaid and some warm, comfy boots. Or maybe more classic “50s housewife” is more your style. Pinterest has loads of ideas of how to put together the perfect outfit!

Kelly in the City
Style Vogues
Cleo Madison

Party Ready

We may all be staying in this Christmas but it’s still a celebration and therefore an excuse to dress up right?! You may not want to go all out clubbing attire-esq but something like this outfit from Lady Decluttered is gorgeous!

Lady Decluttered

What’s your go-to Christmas Day style? Come back tomorrow for day 6 of Blogmas!